EXPRESS YOURSELF... but without wrinkles

Reduce expression lines and prevent their appearance TOO!

Mostly known as “Botox” gets its effect by selective relaxation of the muscles of the face.

Botulinum Toxin is a natural and highly purified protein that is indicated for the treatment of wrinkles caused by the contraction of muscles (glabella, forehead, crow’s feet).

Treatment is performed in the office and no need recovery time.

It is a virtually painless treatment, however you may choose to use a topical anesthesia cream or dry cold.

It is injected using a very fine needle in the area where there are wrinkles.

The effect of the treatment is visible between 48 and 72 hours from its application and reaches its maximum effect within 7-10 days.

During the first year, it is recommended to perform the treatment every 4 months and from the second year, an application every 6 months is usually sufficient.

Botulinum Toxin is also used in Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating of the hands and underarms.